Figure Drawing Schedule for Spring Quarter

Hi artists!

We hope you are having the loveliest beginning to your spring quarter. Now that everybody is more or less settled in the sun we’re ready to start up our weekly figure drawing sessions, and we hope you’ll join us.

The spring is our favorite quarter to draw! As the warmer weather arrives we tend to host at least one outdoor figure drawing event, typically during week 5 or 6. We also like to partner with the folks at FOTA to do another special figure drawing event during the week long arts festival on campus! Stay tuned for both events, plus any others!

We’re meeting in the same place, at the same time- that’s at the Logan Center, room 802, from 7 to 9:30 PM on Tuesday evenings (please see OTL’s facebook page for a full schedule for the quarter.)

As always, drawing supplies are free of charge, as are drawing boards and paper. The sessions are informal and you can come and go as you like. For Undergraduates these sessions are free, and for other parties we do ask a small fee:

Graduate students / University affiliates — $2.00 / session
Community members — $5.00 / session

this is to ensure that we can continue to replenish the supplies as they run out! You can pay as you go per session or up front for all of the sessions you plan to attend.

Hoping to see you on Tuesday evenings!

springq*light blue dates indicate a female model; darker blue is a male model.


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