As a figure drawing club from its founding, OTL is excited to continue to provide free sessions for college students, and for the low cost of $2/ session for grad students and University affiliates $5/ session for community members.) Figure drawing sessions will occur on a bi-weekly basis every even week of the quarter from week 2 to week 8. The gender and build of the model will change from session to session, and the schedule for the quarter will be announced ahead of time so that students can knowingly select the sessions that they should like to attend. All materials are supplied free for attendees. Please note that this is a nude figure drawing course. Occasionally we will have a special figure drawing class, which will be announced several weeks in advance. Special classes in the past have included double model figure drawing, gallery figure drawing in the Smart Museum, freeze-frame Middle Eastern dance figure drawing, etc.


Our spring 2016 figure drawing sessions will run on Thursday evenings of weeks 2-9. Figure drawing takes place in the Logan Center, room 802. The cross streets are 60th street and drexel; it is easily accessible by public transport via the green line and bus numbers 2,4, and 170. Alternatively, there is ample parking outside the building on weekdays after 6 pm or so.


OTL had its inaugural critique collective Tough Love in the winter of 2015. It’s tough to say this, but Tough Love is no longer a part of our standard fare. You can still read about Tough Love & its past exploits here.


To request email notification through subscription to our figure drawing classes, please feel free to email us at otl.uchicago@gmail.com. Please allow a day for us to update the listhost with your email address.




4 thoughts on “figure drawing

  1. Hoping to get some information! Its very difficult to keep up with the figure post grad. Wondering if any sessions are coming up?

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