Pass the Salt is an ongoing dinner project/art theory salon that takes place approximately 2 times per quarter. Outside the Lines is not directly affiliated with the discussion group but is pleased to serve as its host for all organizational management, including PR and email distribution.

Understanding the act of sharing a meal to be an art form unto itself and additionally as a deeply symbolic and social situation that creates and sustains relationships, through a process both leisurely and necessary to the self and others,  Pass the Salt aims to activate the power of such a convergence to unpack the quandaries, histories, and prophecies of what art is, and where it is going, all over a curious meal in an intimate environment.


Pass the Salt meets on Thursday evenings usually twice per quarter. The precise dates of the meetings for autumn 2014 are TBD, but will likely occur on the Thursdays of 4th week and of 7th week. When dates are decided upon, this web page will be updated accordingly. To maintain the intimacy of the group, the host’s address and reading materials for each dinner will only be distributed through our email listhost.

The host of each edition of PtS opens up their living room for the evening to host the salon and dinner, and they make the selection of the reading material (approx. 1-2 articles, or 15-20 pages) for the evening’s discussion. PDFs of the articles are sent out to the PtS listhost at least 2 weeks before each meeting, giving guests enough time to digest the material prior to dinner time.


Each guest is asked to RSVP in advance with the dish they will be bring as part of the potluck.


To become an affiliate of PtS, please email our listhost PtS.uchicago@gmail.com with your name, year of graduation, major and/or field of study, and lastly your favorite essay/article and favorite recipe at current (be as precise or as vague as necessary.) We look forward to hosting you.




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